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We Treat the Whole Patient

Our services and treatments are a blending of conventional and alternative philosophies for health. Dr. Levin incorporates a vast array of scientific knowledge gathered from over 50 years of practice and from innumerable resources. The office uses the most reliable laboratories and the highest grade therapies in order to provide the most effective treatments available. This practice is focused on patients with chronic illnesses – “The Stepchild of American Medicine.”

Dr. Levin is committed to providing his patients innovative medical services and therapies that may not be readily available elsewhere and to providing each patient with information about his/her health and available treatments in order for each patient to make an informed choice.

Alternative medicine has been around for centuries and recognizes that the patient presents at the physician’s office as the sum total of all the patient has ever been, thought experienced, desired, consumed, or any activity she/he has ever engaged in. Dr. Levin realizes this, as well, so, instead of a “pill for your ill” (or symptom), Dr. Levin strives to bring your whole being into focus. The only way to accomplish this is for a doctor to spend more time with each new patient than insurance companies are willing to pay for. This accounts for the lengthy initial office visits, to allow a thorough review of previous records and an in depth current history with review of questionnaires; a long second consultation to review new laboratory tests and make a working diagnosis, followed by a discussion of the various options for treatment.

The natural approach to healing has a long history. Before there were pills, there were herbs. Dr. Levin recognizes the incredible advances in medical science, but insists on non-evasive and more body-friendly approaches whenever possible.

We had been to other doctors to try to explain that we believed in a natural method to recover from Autism. They did not understand what we wanted and we had to explain it to them. You did the proper testing to find out exactly what individual needs Robbie had and explained in great detail how and why these things needed to be done.

– T&C; W, Chantilly, VA

Healing is not just the alleviation of symptoms, but getting at the underlying causes for the symptoms. You may share symptoms with another person, but this does not mean you have the same underlying conditions causing the same symptoms. And since you are an individual, your therapy must be carefully planned to meet your underlying conditions and symptoms.

Advanced Longevity Therapy

Dr. Levin emphasizes the quality of life in the elderly. This therapy takes into account your entire health picture–genetic, infection, chemical, physical, nutritional, and behavioral factors. This means Dr. Levin emphasizes prevention of disease, detoxification, and lifestyle changes to optimize and extend quality years of life. This may include hormone replacement, supplement therapy, among other choices.

Dr. Levin’s Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy

Advanced Anti-Aging: Growth Hormone Replacement After 40

At what age should YOU begin to plan for a healthy old age? Dr. Levin outlines the major techniques for rebalancig and rejuvenating the aging body

Restoring Ebbing Hormones May Slow Aging, New York Times (PDF), conjoined with Growth Hormone to Reverse Aging, Cranton & Frackelton

Chelation (key-la-shun)

Chelation therapy utilizes several different substances to help the body eliminate unwanted (usually toxic) minerals, including Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Aluminum. Note, in some cases, useful minerals are lost too, so careful pre-testing and post treatment follow up is required.

One of the first substances used was the administration of a man-made amino acid called EDTA into the veins — EDTA is an abbreviation for ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. Properly used, EDTA is the BEST form of Preventative Medicine for degenerative cardiovascular diseases, because it also removes Calcium, and essential mineral that tends to accumulate with age and contributes then to arteriosclerotic changes in the heart, brain, and peripheral circulation.

Dr. Levin gave his first Chelation treatment in 1968 to a woman who was dying from congestive heart failure (from rheumatic heart disease and hypertension), with insulin dependent diabetes, gout and kidney failure. She “came back” and lived at a whole new level of energy for over 15 months. That began his career as one of the leaders of this “controversial” therapy that has helped thousands of patients to “Bypass the Bypass Surgery.”

Neurotransmitter Precursors for Migraines, Depression, Weight Loss

Using neurotransmitter precursors for depression, migraines and obesity

Why do most drugs for depression work well at first and then fail? The answer is in the name of these drugs. Serotonin “uptake inhibitors” inhibit your body from re-absorbing important neurotransmitters each time your nerves use them to send messages. So your reservoir of these neurotransmitters gets depleted.

You can’t take neurotransmitters orally or by injection, because they don’t cross the blood brain barrier. An alternative therapy prescribes the building blocks or “precursor” molecules, so that the body will manufacture neurotransmitters naturally and refill the reservoirs.

An interview with Dr. Levin in Public Health Alert by Tina Garcia. (PDF)

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