Testimonials: Dr. Levin’s Patients Speak

Recovering from Fibromyalgia

July 23, 2008

Dear Dr. Levin:

The first time we met you Townsend knew that you were going to help him. He called you “The Thinker.” After years of pain and weakness and many, many doctors you were the first to really spend time and review his case. He is better.

Townsend’s endocrinologist looked over your work and called the insurance company for us and they are flying us to Pittsburgh, PA to a Fibromyalgia Clinic.

We always knew you had the knowledge to get him well and you helped us so much. We will never forget you. You have been the catalyst that got Townsend well. It was an honor to know you and work with you.

You are a brilliant physician!

Please tell your staff what a great job they have done. Thank you for all of your help. We always felt we were very taken care of and impressed by your office.

Thank you again,

The Hutchinson Family

Autistic Kindergartener Improving in Chantilly, VA

Dr. Levin,

Thank you so much for your efforts with our son Robbie. After he was first diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum in October 2006, we started treating him with the gluten free casein free diet. We had remarkable success. We also began removing artificial colors and flavors with the Feingold Diet. We did all we could using natural methods in the DAN Protocol. We needed a chelation test for Mercury, allergy tests, vitamin tests and yeast testing. We had been to other doctors to try to explain that we believed in a natural method to recover from Autism. They did not understand what we wanted and we had to explain it to them. You did the proper testing to find out exactly what individual needs Robbie had and explained in great detail how and why these things needed to be done. We were happy that you tested Robbie with DMSA to rule out the need to use chelation for mercury removal. We are also seeing positive results with vitamin B-12 shots and yeast removal which were two things that Robbie needs to continue to improve.

Robbie hardly ever gets sick anymore since he has taken the vitamins prescribed under your care. You tested Robbie for Allergies for 125 different foods which can cause many autistic symptoms and uncovered some of the common foods we were still feeding him that were causing him problems.

Robbie has since become better able to concentrate in school and interact more normally with other children. In fact, we were quite happy when he was invited to his first “drop-off” birthday party and got along fine with the other kids without us having to attend to help him behave. Robbie is now spending some of his kindergarten day in the mainstreamed classroom which is such a relief to us. When he was first diagnosed, we did not know if that was even going to be possible. Thank you again for all your efforts on Robbie’s behalf. We look forward to continuing the partnership to see how far Robbie can go.


T.W. and C.W.

Chantilly, VA

18 Year Fibromyalgia Sufferer and Cancer Survivor

May 27, 2009

From: N. Phillips

Dear Dr. Levin:

I cannot say Thank You enough for the tremendous difference you have made in my life. In less than three (3) months time you have helped me to be resurrected from the dead!

I will be forever grateful that G_D led me to you because you are truly an angel who cares deeply about his patients and wants to see them well.

You are truly a blessing to all and I am eternally grateful! Thanks for just being you.

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