A Letter from Dr. Levin

Dear, Patients, Colleagues and Friends:

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from active practice as of Monday, July 14, 2014. This journey as a healthcare provider has allowed me to meet incredible people, receive support from remarkable, kindred souls, and gain extraordinary friends and expand my world with amazing colleagues.

After practicing for over five decades, I realize how valuable each person has been in my life as a husband, father, friend and physician. From my exceptional wife, Susan, my remarkable children, Beth, Julie, and Erika, to my numerous mentors, patients, friends, and distinguished colleagues, I want each of you to know that you all have made my life a phenomenal journey.

Being a physician is not just about learning anatomy or writing prescriptions. It is a combination of experience and experiences. As I have said for many years, “Experience is what you get when you expect something else”. I have had both in amazing quantities. I have been privileged with so many delightful people in my life and although I will sorely miss seeing patients, it is the perfect time for me to retire.

This truly has been an extraordinary journey because of the patients who have entrusted me with their health and life.

To my colleagues and friends, it has been my deepest pleasure to have been called your colleague and friend.

To each of you that have touched my life, I wish you continued success in all that you aspire to accomplish.

Most Sincerely,

Warren M. Levin, MD


I will keep you both in my prayers. I’m glad you’ll continue to share your and Dr. Levin’s experience and that you can continue his legacy, he is truly one of a kind and I have been blessed to know him and benefit from his wisdom, kindness and unique experience.

Grateful Former Patient