The Conditions We Treat are Inter-related

In 1985, Dr. Levin presented scientific research linking chronic systemic yeast with parasites, affecting diseases such as Allergies, Asthma and Chronic Fatigue/ Fibromyalgia. He found that many of these patients have complex problems but can frequently be restored to health when treatment addresses the multiple causes rather than merely giving medication for the symptoms.

Similarily with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADD/ADHD– These conditions are often linked to nutritional deficiencies, various toxins and multiple infections and Dr. Levin is notable for treating patients with non-invasive procedures.

Diabetes is another clear example of the genes interacting with the environment, therefore Diabetes can be modified by correcting diet, exercise, toxins, infections and other influencing factors.


Asthma is marked by the constriction of the airways that become inflamed and are lined with mucus. Allergies, stress, frigid air, common colds, and exertion can trigger asthma.

Typical signs of asthma are: wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest area, and shortness of breath.

If you or a loved one has a symptom(s) of asthma, you will need to be seen by a medical doctor to identify irritants that may be causing the asthma attacks and present an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Levin has successfully treated asthmatic patients and welcomes you to schedule an appointment.


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Candida is as real and as overlooked, as under treated and as misunderstood, and maligned as Lyme disease. We were taught in medical school that systemic Candida was a fatal complication of immune sup-pression, as with cancer, chemo-therapy, and eventually AIDS. Today Candida is so common-place that a serious error of logic has occurred-“If everybody has it, then it must be normal!” Yet, it is only one of a multitude of unhealthy contaminants of the intestinal tract that contributes to chronic illness.

“Dr. Levin’s treatment of my allergies and chronic yeast infection has been the only treatment which has worked.” – D DeJ JJ

“I was bounced around from specialist to specialist… Thanks to your patience, listening and vast experience and knowledge in so many areas of the medical field, it was determined exactly what was causing my medical issues. I was dying prematurely from the Lyme and Candida and heavy metals exposure. I am grateful for the diagnosis that you made and your treatment is enabling me to start the recovery process and improve the quality of my life for my remaining years. Thanks for going the extra mile to figure out my medical issues and correct them.” Barry C., Research Technician

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Hypoglycemia and Neurosis

Neurosis or Hypoglycemia?, (PDF) by Dr. Levin

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Lyme Disease

Dr. Levin has been treating Lyme disease since the mid-1990s. Dr. Levin himself has had Lyme disease twice but successfully treated it early on both occasions. This makes three important points:

  • Early treatment is short and effective.
  • Unlike most other infections, long-term immunity is not guaranteed after recovery or immunization. It is impossible (outside of a very few research facilities) to differentiate a new infection from a recurrence of an old one that has not been treated long enough.
  • Knowing when to stop is often more difficult than making the diagnosis. Late diagnosis and short treatment is the formula for disastrous results.

“Dr. Levin through time, patience , various testing, and tons of blood work, vitamins, some minerals, and medications has healed me both physically and mentally. He has corrected the deficiencies and balanced my system. I can honestly state that Dr. Warren Levin is the very best of the best. He truly cares about his patients and he goes the “whole nine yards” for them. Thank you Dr. Levin for giving me back my life.” – SSL

“My name is K. Jacobs. Over the last six years I have suffered from Lyme disease which has caused me memory loss, super-ventricular tachycardia, joint pain, swollen glands, and has weakened me. I have not been able to return to work. In short, Lyme Disease has simply robbed me of my life. In my ongoing struggle with this disease is where I found comfort and hope, when I met Dr. Warren Levin.”

“Dr. Levin is known as one of the foremost experts in the treatment of Lyme Disease as well as a pioneer in the field of integrative and alternative Medicine. He is thorough and detail oriented and does not leave a stone unturned in his search for answers for his patients. However, to me he is so much more than that – he is a compassionate man who treats his patients as human beings rather than just medical cases. I have spent many hours having treatment in his office, in New York watching him dance around, sitting next to his patients and bringing them hope like a medical life jacket. He brings each person safely home with kind words and lots of love. How often do you find such a doctor?” – K J, NYC, NY

Interview on Lyme Part 1 – Public Health Alert (PDF) Dr. Levin on the difficulties in diagnosing Lyme, by Sue Vogen, April 2007

Interview on Lyme Part 2 – Public Health Alert (PDF), Part 2 of why physicians are leery about diagnosing Lyme, by Sue Vogen, Mayl 2007

Diagnosing and Treating Lyme (PDF) Dr. Warren Levin blends conventional and alternative philosophies in treating Lyme.

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