Doctor Warren M Levin, blending alternative and conventional philosophies for your health

Blending Conventional and Alternative Philosophies for Your Health


Dr. Levin announces his retirement.

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What Patients Say

"We had been to other doctors to try to explain that we believed in a natural method to recover from Autism. They did not understand what we wanted and we had to explain it to them. You did the proper testing to find out exactly what individual needs Robbie had and explained in great detail how and why these things needed to be done."

T.W. and C.W. Chantilly, VA

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A Lifetime Team Of Two

Portrait of the Levin couple.

My interviews with Dr. Warren M. Levin, the “East Coast Dean of Alternative Medicine”, have appeared in various outlets and are always well received. However, there is a Mrs. Warren M. Levin that has been missing from each and every piece. I would like to formally introduce the silent partner in Dr. Levin’s life...

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Integrative Medicine Pioneer

Warren M. Levin, East Coast Dean of alternative medicine.

Dr. Warren M. Levin is recognized as the "East Coast Dean of Alternative Medicine." He has been a visionary in reporting the interconnections among many intractable syndromes with the Standard American Diet--SAD in his terms, the heavy metals in our environment, and other factors in contemporary lifestyle and drug- oriented conventional medicine. For example, he has been

  • one of the first to document the connection of Candida (Yeast) infections with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities and most recently, with refractory Lyme disease.
  • an early pioneer in treating Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, and learning disabilities with avoidance of allergenic foods, environments, and toxins, as well as via correcting metabolic imbalances and infections.
  • the first to recognize and report Lyme-Induced Autism.
  • among the first to offer IV Chelation Therapy for heart disease.
  • one of the first to warn about the dangers of vaccine, especially Hep-B for newborns, cervical cancer vaccine for young girls, and as a contributing factor to mercury overload in infants.
  • a pioneer in providing Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for weight loss and anti-aging.

Dr. Levin has found that many patients have complex problems that can frequently be restored to health when treatment addresses the multiple causes, rather than merely giving medication for the symptoms.

Dr. Levin in Publication

Levin VS New York State

Prime Example, book cover.

The story of the case fought and won by Dr. Levin, on behalf of patients seeking integrative and complementary medicine, told by the attorney who defended him, VS the State of New York.

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Candida and Human Health

Beyond the Yeast Connection book cover.

In this publication, Dr. Levin and Dr. Fran Gare discuss the significance of Candida-related complex (CRC) and other species of yeast (fungi) infections in human health. Book info + review by Sue Vogan.

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Autism-Lyme Link

Article from Public Health Report: Link between Autism and Lyme Disease discussed

Why are doctors saying that up to 90% of children with autism are infected with Lyme disease? The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation held a physician's Think Tank to discuss recent findings.

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Dr Warren M Levin Newsletter front page

From the hazards of BPA in baby bottles, to the increasing practice of adding food dyes where you wouldn't expect them to be in, find useful insights and advice from selected newsletters.

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